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LED lighting design development trends

Lighting can not be separated from living room lamps, and lighting of lamps is reflected, it is to complete the home construction features, and create conditions of visual tools, it is part of home decorating is the art lighting technology with the construction of the continuum. Modern lighting effect not only in the room with lighting effects, but also to create a bedroom environment the main components of the atmosphere. Modeling the use of lighting and color coordination, the environment can have some room atmosphere and mood, reflecting a certain degree of style and personality, to increase the beauty of architecture, interior space to make it more in line with the psychological and physiological needs and aesthetic taste. As a new type of LED lighting technology, the prospects for its application have attracted worldwide attention, especially in high-brightness LED is more known as the 21st century the most valuable source, the field of lighting will cause a new revolution. Since the white LED appeared, whether it is the principle of light-emitting functions or other traditional light sources have the advantage of no match, so, LED lighting has become the 21st century the field of room lighting a trend, LED will replace the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, traditional bedroom lighting has been faced with severe challenges. Lighting design and form of the content is light, LED light source to the new lighting design and development of innovation, from a large extent, the lighting changed our concepts, so that we can from a traditional point, line source liberating limitations, lighting design language and concepts are free to play and re-established, lamps in the form of visual perception and creative performance with greater flexibility in space, will house more energy-efficient lighting, health, and arts and human development.

First, energy-saving technology

Research data show that, as the LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment, with incandescent, fluorescent lamps compared to the efficiency of energy saving can reach 90%. In the same brightness, the power consumption of an ordinary incandescent lamp is only 1 / 10, fluorescent tubes 1 / 2. If you use LED lighting to replace our current 50% of the traditional, annual savings in electricity consumption in China is equivalent to a generating capacity of the Three Gorges power station the sum of its very substantial energy efficiency.

Second, the health of

LED is a green light. DC-driven LED lights, there is no stroboscopic; there is no element of infrared and ultraviolet, there is no radioactive contamination, high color and has a strong directional light-emitting; dimming performance and changes in color temperature does not produce visual errors; cold light source of low heat, it is safe to touch; incandescent and fluorescent lamps which are unattainable. It not only provided the space is light and comfortable, but also good to meet people's physical health needs, is to protect the health of vision and light green.

Since only a single power LED small, low brightness, should not be used alone, and with multiple LED assembly designed as a practical LED lighting has a wide application prospect. Designer lighting lamps in accordance with the needs of luminous objects and decided the shape of the optical system lamps, LED number and the size of power; also can be a number of LED portfolio designed LED point light source, ring light source or light source side of the "second light source, "to form the basis of the" second source "to the design of lamps.

Third, the arts of

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