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LED driver power supply
- LED internal driver power supply
- LED daylight power supply
- LED external driver power supply
- LED spotlight driver
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P10 Column Outdoor LED Display
This PH10 outdoor full color advertising Column LED display screen adopts physical and virtual pixel technology which makes the picture more clear and vivid, no flicker and blind dots. The screen is manufactured in a waterproof and dustproof design so it can work very well in rain and sunshine. It can be assembled and disassembled very easy, it is an ideal product for any kind advertisements.
P12 Roof Outdoor LED Display
Our P12 outdoor advertising Roof led display is well known with great features as below: Low cost High density, refresh rate, grey scale and brightness Electricity saving Stable performance Color uniformity
P14 Hangup Outdoor LED Display
The perfect quality and long-time stability of Hangup LED Display with a good reputation. • 3LEDs in each pixel of P16 technology is applied to the LED screen, which can realize four times of resolution with the same quantity of LED lamps. . • P14 display can be installed in different climate areas all over the world. Low temperature as -30℃ and high temperature as +60℃,, and LED display can also be operated in coastal place with high salt degree.
P16 Movable Outdoor LED Screen
LED Movable Screen includes LED Rental Screen and LED Movable Screen installed on vehicles. Rental LED Screen is widely used for concert, exhibition, live meeting, news conference and live broadcast, etc. There are abundant features of this kind of product, such as easy package, tranStadiumation, installation, disassembling, and operation, meantime, cabinets are replaceable and light, with modules design and complete configuration.
P20 Mounted Outdoor LED Screen
Outdoor Fullcolor mounted LED Screen is controlled synchronously by computers and suitable for outdoor environments. Super bright LED luminous components and static driving mode are used to control the image display effect. Realtime animation, exquisite media and great visual compact are brought to spectators....
P25 Curve Outdoor LED Screen
automatic production equipments professional in correction the temperature of colors application: suitable for advertising in buildings, halls, and stores with the area of 5-20sqm It’s suitable for semi-outdoor use with the brightness
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